One Month Later: Interview With Colin, the 7-Year-Old Jedi

From left to right: The letter that started it all, Colin leading the orchestra at Intergalactic Expo, and Colin with his family outside LucasFilm. Images by: Peggy Gilpatrick.
From left to right: The letter that started it all, Colin leading the orchestra at Intergalactic Con, and Colin with his family outside Lucasfilm. Images by: Peggy Gilpatrick.

Last month, GeekDad broke the story of Colin, the little boy who asked George Lucas if Jedi could get married. Yesterday, I caught up with him and his mom Peggy to see how being a celebrity has changed his life, and I’m happy to report that he’s still just a cute little kid who likes Star Wars and making YouTube videos of himself playing video games.

I love Colin’s story because it’s a great example of how, in a world of internet trolls and bullies, sometimes people can surprise you. In the dozens of responses to his video that I’ve read, nearly every single one was positive and supportive; even the diehard fans were polite while they legalistically dissected the response from Lucasfilm for possible canon changes. Well done, internet. And to the few cynics who think Lucasfilm was being evasive or just trying to drum up publicity, Colin’s mom has this to say: “If it is not the answer that makes you happy, so be it. If you are reading this then you are probably an adult, and it is not about you. It is about passing on a beautiful story, a story that we all love so much, to the next generation. If you can find fault in that, well, I hear the Dark Side has cookies. Enjoy them.”

GeekDad: Hey, Colin! It’s been a month since your video went viral. How have you enjoyed becoming an internet legend?

Colin: It was pretty exciting. I got to be on TV, too!

Peggy: Colin was on some local news shows and even got to open up the Intergalactic Expo in Sacramento by leading in the 501st Legion and conducting the orchestra!

GD: Sweet! While it wasn’t Skywalker Ranch, I hear you did get to tour Lucasfilm Studios. How was it? Did you get to see anything cool?


P: Colin’s mom here. I had to edit his response because we can’t share too much. I signed something! Sorry!

C: We got to see the new teaser trailer for The Force Awakens in the movie room there. I got to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the Presidio, and they also gave us t-shirts and books and stuff.

GD: You’re obviously a big fan of Star Wars. Are you excited about the new movie? What did you think of the trailer?

C: Something surprising happens at the end … Han Solo looks really old.

GD: So when you’re not writing letters, what do you like to do for fun? Got anything new going on?

C: Yesterday I killed the Ender Dragon (in Minecraft) and made a video of it. My dad is going to put it on YouTube.

GD: I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks for taking the time to chat, Colin!

You can watch Colin battle the Ender Dragon, or catch some of his other video game videos, on his YouTube Channel. His mom told me that he loves getting new subscribers. Hint, hint.

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