Supporting GeekDad: We Hit 1% and Got an Awesome Shout-Out

Geek Culture

The support for our campaign to pay off our legal costs after settling our ownership disagreement with Condé Nast has been heartwarming. After only 3 days, we’ve made it past the 1% mark on GoFundMe, and our monthly Patreon support has grown by nearly $30 as well. I can’t say this enough: every little bit helps! And as word gets out, some of the awesome people we’ve been able to interact with, and whose work we’ve been able to bring to your attention over the years, have stepped up to show their support. For example, Lincoln Peirce, the excellent creator of the world-famous Big Nate comic, has recorded the incredible shout-out you see above. There are more on the way, and we’ll share them with you as they come in.

So please, help us out. Even if monetary support isn’t realistic, just share these messages via your social networks. Over the years, we’ve had literally tens of millions of people read and enjoy the content on GeekDad. If we could get 0.01% of those people to donate a dollar each, we’d be square. If you can help out financially, here are the places to do it: – for one-time support – for ongoing monthly support

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