The ‘Star Wars’ Saga Coming to Digital HD!

Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm.
Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Did you hear? The complete Star Wars Saga will be available on Digital HD this week! You guys don’t know how excited I am about this!

Perhaps I’m dating myself here, but I do vividly remember all the hubbub when the original Star Wars Trilogy—as a trilogy—made itself available to the masses on VHS video cassette. It was in the mid-1980s. It was a big deal. This was back before owning VHS tapes was affordable ($75-100 per movie!), so we were content to get into the queue at our local Erol’s Video to see a rented copy. In the first VHS release…Han indeed shot first! By the mid-90s, the prices for video tapes had come down considerably, and it wasn’t hard to buy the Special Edition box set…but by then the movies had been significantly remastered.

I also remember the announcements and excitement when the series came out on DVD in the mid-2000s; of course, by this point Episodes I and II had been released and had even been issued on DVD before the original trilogy. My thoughts on the matter were mostly in the neighborhood of, “I can’t believe I had to endure Jar Jar in vivid detail first!”

The complete saga will be available starting Friday, April 10th, and will be offered as a complete set for $89.99 or else as individual movies for $19.99 each. I’ve seen announcements for this release at Disney Movies AnywhereAmazon, iTunes, Google Play, and even on my sons’ XBox! With the movies are numerous never-before-seen special features, so you certainly won’t want to miss this! Let me leave you with this fun video hosted by Bill Hader about some of the saga’s unforgettable creatures.

If you want to see more videos like this one, be sure to check out Disney Movies Anywhere for more of Star Wars @Lightspeed, where you can learn more about the greatness that is the Star Wars Saga!

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