‘iPoe Collection 3’: A GeekDad Review

Fans of Edgar Allan Poe will enjoy the iPoe Collection 3, the latest book-app by iClassics Productions, S.L. The app combines art by David G. Forés, music by Miguel Tejada, and the words of Edgar Allan Poe to create a new experience of the classic stories.

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I had enjoyed the earlier installments, so was eager to view this one, especially when I learned that it included my favorite of all of Mr. Poe’s stories: The Cask of Amontillado. It did not disappoint. Tejada’s music and Forés’s art fit the mood of Poe’s stories well. The app is creatively designed with interactive elements that aren’t always obvious on a first read. Turning the device or touching some of the art elements will reveal what was hidden.

My favorite of these was the torchlight effect in the darkness of the crypts. Moving my finger around the touch screen lit up different sections of the words, just as a torch would have if I were walking in the dark.

The multimedia approach makes familiar stories feel fresh and new and will engage younger, media-rich readers, encouraging them to give these classic stories a chance. I highly recommend this app-book.

Check it out on iTunes.

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