Marvel and Sony Reach Spider-Man Deal

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Avengers, AssembledMarvel and Sony agree to share Spider-Man in the main MCU!

Mass hysteria! Dogs and cats, living together!


Sorry about that, but this is probably the biggest Marvel movie news since The Avengers was announced. Heck, it’s practically bigger than when Sony dropped the first Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man will reboot (hopefully for the last time) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with MCU characters crossing over into Sony Spider-Man movies!

When Marvel announced Civil War, it started a lot of geek minds churning, including my own. While Marvel has said that they are not going to do a straight retelling of the storyline from the comics, Spider-Man was so integral to that plot, it was going to be hard to get around. I have faith that they would have, maybe by introducing another new hero (saaaaay, Black Panther?), but this is worlds better. Assuming Captain America: Civil War is where Spidey shows up, there’s really no better way to demonstrate to a new audience how Peter Parker is the flip-floppy conscience of the Marvel Universe.

Of course, that’s assuming it’s Peter in the mask and tights. With the 616 shake-up happening in the comics this summer (the Secret Wars event), it’s become apparent that Marvel isn’t afraid of taking major players and replacing them wholesale. Maybe we’re finally getting Miles Morales, Ultimate Spider-Man, in the MCU!

It’s a great win for Marvel and it’s an even bigger win for Sony. They have struggled mightily with the Spider-Man franchise since they lost their way in the Spectacular Spider-Man trilogy. In a cinematic environment where endless reboots are the norm, Spider-Man was working on being the next Batman. Audiences are tired of the origin retellings, which is part of the reason Marvel has done so well in the first place – they started the engine on the MCU, put it into drive, and haven’t looked back. Here’s hoping that a fair amount of oversight is built-in to the deal (and I think there is, given that MCU characters will be crossing over the other way as well) and we’re finally getting the One True Spider-Man to take us through the next wave of Marvel movies.

Welcome home, Spidey.

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