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Get to Know the ‘Cyber-Seniors’

A few years ago on GeekDad, I did a somewhat regular column about “Upgrading a Boomer Parent.” In these posts, I discussed the different gadgets that I personally used to get my senior-aged father familiar with new technology. I know that this is nothing new. In fact, studies show that the fastest growing segment in mobile gadget usage is the 65 and older demographic.

However, like my father, some are retired and not subjected to email or Facebook as a requirement in their day-to-day lives. It does not means that they do not want to use it or have access to it–they just do not get the chance or have the resources to learn about what to do. This is why a few students took on a project to help some seniors who wanted to learn in Cyber-Seniors.

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Cyber-Seniors follows a group of initially reluctant seniors as they discover the wonders of the world-wide-web with the help of their teenage mentors. Their exploration of cyberspace is catapulted to a whole new level when 89-year-old Shura decides to create a YouTube tutorial. This part of the movie takes on a life of its own when the seniors start posting tips on life and living, which becomes a competition for views.

Here is an exclusive clip, just for our GeekDad readers:

The directorial debut by actress Saffron Cassaday is now available on VOD and via digital download. The film offers a heartwarming, candid and at times humorous look at the victories and challenges seniors face as they dive into the digital world, but does not feel like it was created to mock these folks as they learn. Everyone in the film seems genuine in their interest, whether it be instructing, learning, or just trying to make a YouTube video that people would be interested in watching.

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