Valentine’s Deal Alert: Disney Store

What are the odds that you still need a Valentine’s Day gift on February 13? If you’re anything like me, you do.

Anyway, on the chance that you’re looking for a last-minute gift for a special Disney fan… or if you’re just looking for a good deal, the Disney Store is currently running a 25% off promotion. It’s valid both in-store (North American locations) and online, and it’s only good through Monday, February 16.

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Really, I just love that art of Mickey and Minnie smooching. I’m weak, I know.

So, whether the Disneyphile object of your affection has been eyeing a set of Elsa pajamas, a sweet Baymax plush, or a diamond Mickey Mouse ring in 14K gold, this might be the time to make his or her wishes come true.

(There’s a somewhat extensive list of excluded items, so read the fine print if you’re looking for something special.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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