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If you love tabletop games, here’s a webcomic worth checking out: Giocomics. Created by Alan D’Amico and Stefano Castelli, Giocomics runs on the Italian website Gionomicon, but is now available in an English translation as well.

The comic centers on three characters: Marco, the Italian, who especially loves roleplaying and wargaming but will try anything; Klaus, the German, who loves wooden cubes and abstract games; and Bob, the American, who loves—as you may expect—Ameritrash games. Sure, they’re somewhat stereotypical (not to mention all guys) but putting them together does make for some funny situations.

I’ve read through the series of strips from the beginning (there are 47 so far), and they’re definitely written for people who know and love games and gamers. The English translation can feel a little clunky in spots but it’s pretty good. There’s only one comic that wasn’t translated: it just had a note saying that only Italians would get it.

Head to Giocomics for more—the landing page gives you the introduction to the three characters—or head here to start from the first strip.

Any other webcomics you enjoy that feature gaming? Let us know in the comments!

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