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The Flash vs. Arrow: “Who Would Win?”

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This week the crossover DC Comics fans have been waiting for airs on The CW on Tuesday and Wednesday. In the official start of DC Comics’ shared TV universe, The Flash and Arrow team up to take on a threat that menaces both Central City and Starling City in an exciting two-night crossover.

When it comes to The Flash as a show vs. Arrow, however, it’s almost no contest.

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The Flash has been a bright spot for me this TV season. While I agree with Corrina that changing Barry Allen and Iris West into practically siblings leaves me with the heebie jeebies, I have a more positive outlook about the show overall—because the show itself has a positive outlook. It’s not the grim world of Gotham, nor does it share the bleak tones of Man of Steel and Arrow. The Flash shows Barry’s joy at being a superhero and his belief that he can genuinely make a difference. It makes the show simply fun to watch.

Arrow is one of those shows that, while I will watch it to see its many nods to the DC universe, I almost have to force myself to fire it up on the DVR. Felicity Smoak is still a bright spot on the show, and Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer has added some much-needed charm. Here’s hoping crossing over with The Flash will add even more. But I admit, without Arrow and the charisma of its star Stephen Amell, The Flash and the start of a shared universe wouldn’t exist—so I’m happy to see the success the show has had.

The Flash vs. Arrow airs this Tuesday and Wednesday on The CW. If you’re a comic fan who hasn’t tuned into either show yet, this is a great opportunity to see DC’s new TV universe in action.

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  • As shows... too different to compare for me.

    As super heroes... Flash simply beats everyone and everything. At least, if you break down the physics of what he has been shown to be capable of, and then extrapolate from that what he should be capable of. Having just watched the episode with Flash and his childhood nemesis... I cringe at how badly they get the physics side of things.

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