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Image: Laurence King Publishing
Image: Laurence King Publishing

Some board games are ready to play right out of the box, or at most require taking cellophane wrappers off decks of cards. Others, however, require quite a bit of piece-punching-out, sticker application, and board construction. If you or your kids get excited about the latter, a new game is out that you might enjoy.

DIY Board Games is a box of five different board games with plenty of pieces and components that you decorate and arrange the way you like. The game boards and pieces themselves are thick cardboard, and the set comes with a pair of wood dice. The style and design of the artwork is playful without being cartoon-y, and is very appealing to kids and grown-ups alike.

Our version of Snakes and Ladders. The kids and I colored the snakes, but they applied the leaf stickers and sewed the rope ladders. Photo: Jenny Williams
Our version of Snakes and Ladders. The kids and I colored the snakes together, but they applied the leaf stickers, sewed the rope ladders, and colored the pieces. Photo: Jenny Williams

The five included games are well-known to some, but some of them, or at least their names, may be unfamiliar: Backgammon, Ludo (Parcheesi), Game of the Goose (um.. well.. I’m up for an adventure!), Snakes and Ladders (Chutes and Ladders), and Draughts (Checkers).

You may wonder, if the games are decided already, what makes this a DIY game? The customization is the point here. The publisher has left some parts of the boards and pieces unfinished, so players can color them, construct 3-dimensional counters, and even arrange stickers to their liking. Each of the five boards has different DIY options. There are many pieces in the game box, but they are labeled on the back as to which game they go with, so it’s easy to sort out what you need. Additionally, since the games are pretty basic, kids can unleash their imaginations to make up games using the pieces and boards. Have them make up some rules to a brand new game of their own design!

What's included. Image: Laurence King Publishing
What’s included. Image: Laurence King Publishing

The included game instruction booklet includes everything needed to get the pieces and boards set up, as well as including complete game playing instructions. So, color and customize each game, and then dive in to play! Kids will love to play board games which they had some part in assembling and decorating.

Intended for kids age four and up, any age game lover will get a lot out of this game set. It is also a fun activity for groups of different ages, including multi-generational groups. Have fun with it, and in the end, you’ll have custom board games that you can be proud of.

Whether your game-loving kids like to color, assemble, or apply stickers, DIY Board Games is a fantastic gift. They’ll enjoy setting it up in the first place, and then will play the included games for hours. It’s a great item to have on hand for family gatherings, since so many different kinds of games can be played, and all are included in a box the size of just one game.

DIY Board Games retails for about $25 and is available now.

Note: I received a copy of the game for review purposes.

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