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Traveling With the VTech VM333

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Vtech VM333
I’m just using this photo because awwww. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Today’s post: traveling with the VM333 video monitor from VTech, this month’s sponsor.

I’d been using the VM333 in my baby’s room for a while, and when I took a trip this summer to visit my family, I decided to pack it along to try it out. I set up the camera in a corner of the room near the crib; fortunately the power cord is pretty long so I had some options of how to position it. Of course, a battery-powered version would be nice so I wouldn’t have to plug it in at all, but the long cord is a decent alternative for the camera.

The monitor, of course, is battery-powered, so I could take that wherever I needed to be in the house. One nice thing I discovered is that, because I was sharing a room with the baby, I could peek in (even in the dark) to see if she was actually asleep before entering the room myself.

One of the other things we run into a lot when traveling and sharing a hotel room is that if you want your baby or kids to go to bed before you do, then you’ll end up either sitting in the dark in the corner, or hanging out in the hallway so you can keep an ear on them. (Yeah, or paying for a suite, which we usually don’t do.) But you can set up the VM333 and then—depending on the layout of the hotel, of course—sit in a common area or the lobby with the monitor, so you can see (and hear) if your kids are out of bed or need something. And with the talkback feature, the older kids can come talk to the camera and you can talk back to them to let them know you’re on your way back to the room.

Overall, I think the VM333 isn’t absolutely necessary for travel, but it was nice. I did also bring my audio-only baby monitor but I’ve gotten used to being able to see what’s going on if my daughter is making noise, and I think the visual gives me a better idea of whether she’s in need of attention or just needs a little time to settle down. I was a little worried about whether the camera would get damaged, either the motors for control or the little temperature gauge on the back, but it survived the trip in my checked baggage just fine.

Review unit provided by VTech.

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