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Sketches From the Upcoming Wonder Woman Team

Wonder Woman #36 cover
page 10
page 11
page 12

DC Comics has released debut work by the new Wonder Woman team of David Finch (art) and Meredith Finch (story) to give readers a glimpse at their upcoming storyline.

The Finches have a tough act to follow. While the writing/art team of Brian Azzerello and Cliff Chiang made a few story choices I absolutely loathed, like making the Amazons rapists and murderers, they also had an imaginative take on Wonder Woman’s mythology and it’s possible Princess Diana will never look quite as good as she did under Chiang’s talented hands.

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But following up the departing team was made even tougher by the controversy surrounding an interview by the Finches in which Wonder Woman wasn’t deemed a feminist.

What do I see in these pages? I see David Finch’s proclivity to cheesecake, a style particularly ill-suited to Wonder Woman, but the inclusion of the Justice League in her title for the first time is interesting and the appearance of the Swamp Thing is intriguing.

Wonder Woman #36 will be in stores this October.

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