Looking Fly on the Fourth of July

Between the World Cup and Independence Day, how could you not feel patriotic right now? Well if you are looking to show off your red, white and blue, then you have to check out these new clothing items from TVStoreOnline.com.

The USA Shirt is a nice cotton t-shirt with a one-sided American flag attached with Velcro. The entire item is machine washable, but you may want to remove the flag before doing so.

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The socks are a “one size fits most” and they do fit me perfectly. I wear a size 10 shoe however and they are just right. If I had a larger foot, they would be stretched — so your mileage may vary.

I got the USA shirt with the flag cape and the socks with mini capes to wear during races, but really they could be worn anytime. How could you go wrong wearing the star spangled banner?!

Shirt with flag is available through Amazon here and the socks here.

Cat not included

I was furnished one of each to try out by TVStoreOnline.com, and I am wearing them right now…

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