GeekDad Puzzle of the Week – Palindromes and Anadromes

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Reading through my social media feeds this past weekend, I saw that someone posted the old adage:

“STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS”

While trying to come up with a witty retort, I realized that the best I could do on short notice was:

“Yeah, well, SMUG spelled backwards is GUMS!”

It turns out that these word pairs are very similar to palindromes, but aren’t true palindromes — they are sort of “half-palindromes.” A little research lead to me read that they are called anadromes, heteropalindromes, or “emordnilaps” a word coined from the word palindrome spelled backwards.

This week’s GeekDad Puzzle of the Week centers around palindromes and anadromes. Each of the 15 phrases below is a clue that will either lead you to a single-word palindrome or a pair of anadromes.

For your chance at this week’s fabulous prize from ThinkGeek, determine what each phrase below describes as expressed as either a palindrome or pair of anadromes. For example “tense cheesecakes” are “stressed desserts.”

  1. More crimson
  2. Transporting Qurash (Diablo III)
  3. Treated as a god
  4. Students’ errors
  5. Repair via interlocking loops
  6. Fear of palindromes
  7. First cylindrical appearance
  8. Chanted to wildebeests
  9. House guard’s pocket badge
  10. To apply wallpaper again
  11. Thin layers of fauna
  12. Gary Burghoff
  13. Benign growths from drinking tools
  14. Inuit transport
  15. To sketch a prison guard again

As always, please send your responses in to GeekDad Central by the end of the week. All correct (or at least reasonably well-reasoned) responses will be entered into a drawing for this week’s $50 Gift Certificate provided generously by the fine folks at ThinkGeek.

Good luck, and happy puzzling!

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