Marvel Movie Trailer Roundup: Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6

Two great tastes that have nothing to do with each other
Two great tastes that have nothing to do with each other

This week, we the comic geeks were graced with not one, but two Marvel movie trailers. One from Marvel Studios and an interesting entry from Disney Movies.

First up is the second Guardians of the Galaxy trailer:

There’s so much to love¬†about in this trailer – finally hearing how Rocket and Groot are going to sound, seeing Star Lord’s mighty-morphin helmet and rocket boots, our first glimpse at Ronan the Accuser, the better-than-comic Knowhere (the Guardian’s home base…it’s a Celestial’s corpse!), the Alf stickers on Quill’s tape deck – the entire thing is nerdbait, start to finish. And can we talk about the music? Using the deep-fuzz tones of “Spirit in the Sky” brings home the absolute “we don’t care what you think, we’re just having fun” attitude even better than “Hooked on a Feeling” (thought I was thrilled to hear it come back at the end). If the tone of this movie matches the marketing, then I would say we have the best Marvel movie of 2014 right here (Captain Who? Winter What?)!

Taking a very different track is the animated feature Big Hero 6. It’s also a Marvel property, but not necessarily set in the established movie-verse.

It’s abso-LUTELY adorable. My 6-yr-old daughter made me replay the trailer four times this morning and laughed hysterically every single time. I’m a big fan of modern Disney animation (yes, I’m a Frozen-phile) and this teaser brought exactly what I would expect: solid animation, quirky character building, and a good dose of kid-friendly comedy. But make no mistake, despite the lack of branding,¬†Big Hero 6 is a Marvel super team. In the teaser, we’re seeing Hiro and Baymax (granted, in very different forms than their comic counterparts). Is this the start of a consolidated animated universe? I wouldn’t put it past Marvel at this stage of the game. If anyone could pull it off successfully, it would be them. I’ll be looking forward to further reveals of the team to see if the light-hearted tone stays.

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