Speck Keeps the iPhone 4 Dressed Well in the Age of the iPhone 5

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I’ve always been pretty conservative with my cell phone, mostly using cast-offs from friends who upgrade more often than I do. I never bothered getting the latest and greatest. I haven’t bought a phone for myself since the Razr was new. So, when I dropped my cell phone a whopping 8″, resulting in its violent death, I was at a loss. None of my friends had a cast-off, so I was out a phone. My dad decided to buy me an iPhone 4S, since they were on sale.

Now I have this glass encrusted thing that is nowhere near as durable as the average “dumb phone.” I had to take steps to protect it. I inherited a couple of cast-off cases, another first for me. The problem was, I hated the cases. I didn’t like how they felt in my hand, and I despised the way that the rubber layers wear out (especially since they were pre-owned).

So, when I started looking for a new phone case, I turned to Speck. They have a huge variety of cases, most of which don’t have pesky rubber layers. I fell in love with the choices. The Halloween specials were amazing, and I now own the SpookShow, pictured below.

spk-a0689_Halloween CandyShell SpookShow
Image: Speck

All the aesthetics in the world cannot trump basic utility though. When I came across the SmartFlex Card case, I was smitten. It has a built-in sleeve on the back, which allows the user to store up to three cards in their cell phone case. /drool. When I got it, I put it on and took it off several times, to make sure it was secure. The iPhone snapped right in. It fit so well, I was nervous about taking it off. I was surprised at how simple it was to remove it. You simply put your finger in the camera hole, and holding the front edge of the case, press firmly. It doesn’t exactly “pop” out, which is great, but it’s also not an ordeal. When comparing this to the SpookShow case, I realize that this is standard to their brand, a real feature in my book.

Image: Speck

I have used the SmartFlex case for several weeks now, and I can’t believe how well it complements my routine. I always travel light, normally taking just my license and a credit card, with the occasional fiver. All three fit in the case just fine, and despite my initial fears, even fragile bills survive the gentle but firm grip of the case. Because of the thumb slot, removal is easy, and there is a small ridge inside to keep the contents in. It’s flexible, securing a single card, while not sticking or jamming when filled with three things.

It is also amazingly sturdy, and I drop my iPhone a lot (sorry Dad). It’s an attractive cobalt blue, and I’ve already had a couple of friends drop hints that they’d like one for Christmas this year. Speck is now decidedly my go-to case manufacturer, and I can’t wait to see what they release next. It’s especially nice that, in the age of the iPhone 5, there are still attractive and useful cases for the “out of date” phones that some of us still use.

Image: Speck

Note: I received each of these cases for review purposes.

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