An Interview with Always by My Side author Susan Kerner

Always by my side

In the Spring of 2008, Susan Kerner found herself facing a difficult situation. Her new husband Alan lay in hospice, dying from a cancer which had suddenly become aggressive. At the same time, Susan found herself pregnant with their child. After Alan’s death, Susan used to wander through bookstores scouring the shelves for books to read to their child, but as she browsed the shelves, she realized how many books would bring up questions for her daughter about her dad. Always by My Side is the result of that experience.

Always by My Side empowers parents and children to deal with an absent dad, whether it is from death, a military deployment, divorce, or even travel. It provides kids with language to remember that they are connected through their imagination, the world around them, and the ways in which they resemble their dad. It is an excellent resource for any child missing a father who is not with them. It is certainly a must for school libraries and child therapists alike.

Recently I had a chance to sit down and talk with Susan and talk about her experiences and the book that came from them. At the end of the interview, Susan reads Always by My Side to us.

Published by Starbright Books, Always by My Side is available at Amazon and other retailers.

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