GeekDad Puzzle of the Week – Homophones, Heteronyms, and Oronyms – Oh my!

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Nora_restaurantWe have been eating dinner out a lot lately, due to an in-progress kitchen remodel. During one such culinary expedition, Nora mentioned that she wanted to help my wife Allison make her delicious, healthy brownies by grating zucchini.

“Nora,” I said, “the zucchini isn’t just GREAT, it’s AMAZING!”

“No, Daddy,” she replied. “G-R-A-T-E, not G-R-E-A-T.”

And, thus, this week’s puzzle about homophones, heteronyms, oronyms, and homographs was born.

Below, please find a list of unlikely sentences or descriptions that can be summarized by a set of homophones, heteronyms, or oronyms. Please respond with the proper words summarizing each, along with the type of set the summary contains.

Example: Banana splits in the Sahara : A desert desert (oronym)

  • Cutting two fruits
  • Mercy killing of young folks on other continents
  • Capturing audio on vinyl
  • An exemplified specimen unit of ovum
  • To turn down trash
  • A less sensate figure
  • The premiere Pb
  • To make farm goods
  • Run, Siphonaptera!
  • Magnitude of sad breaths
  • Revealing the gift
  • “My name is Xmas paper and I am here to say…”
  • When the true falsehoods dawn on you
  • A clothed boy placed house numbers on postcards
  • 2:00 or 2:01-ish PM
  • Planter of certain conifers
  • An agressive book introduction
  • Used for cleaning Eastern Europe

As always, please send your reply to GeekDad Central by end of day Friday, and all reasonably correct responses will be entered into a drawing for this week’s prize, a $50 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate. Happy puzzling!

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