Extended Wi-Fi Made Easy With Amped

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That is it in the right hand corner.

At my day job in the finance industry, we have been using iPads for our mobile computing needs. Recently, we switched to new Windows 8 tablets, due to new software that we needed to run. With the adoption of these new tablets, though, we lost the 4G network that our iPads had – so we moved into using a local wi-fi network to run these new tablets.

The first problem we noticed was dropped connections. Then it was that in some offices no connection could be made at all. I did some research and decided to check out the High Power Wi-Fi Adapter. Given this introduction, you can probably guess that I would not be writing about it here if it did not work out…

The High Power Wi-Fi Adapter by Amped Wireless has proved to be very beneficial. It is refreshing to find a product that does exactly what it states on the box: It extends the range of a regular router to provide internet connectivity to, in this test, a 7000 square foot building through at least three cinder block walls, all without adding any software.

Nearly actually size!

Anyone who has a Windows 8 tablet or laptop would definitely benefit from picking up one of these adapters.

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