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Free RedRover App Helps Parents Plan for Fun

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RedRover appBeing a parent can be fairly stressful, what with the things to do and the places to go—it is also confusing. Not only that, if you happen to live in a large market (urban area, not Costco) then there is also the possibility of missing something super fun because it blended with the competition and passed in the night while you were reprioritizing your DVR recordings. It happens.

Truth be told, I don’t know how many times I have seen something on Facebook or Twitter that is happening in our area RIGHT NOW, and by then it is too late. (We live in Los Angeles, and it takes two hours to drive to anywhere.) My kids have missed some pretty epic stuff. Please don’t tell them.

Luckily, there is a new app called RedRover that sends the info right over. See what I did there?

RedRover is a free app available on iTunes that helps parents and assorted caregivers discover the coolest activities, places, and events in their city in one helpful spot (that spot being said app). They can also choose to follow top-tier partners (the local zoo, amusement parks, etc.) in Twitter-like fashion to customize info that is relevant to them.

Some bells and whistles: Searches are based on kids’ age, distance, and interest. Tickets for the event of your choice can be purchased right on the app. Users can add suggestions for what to do before and after (local eateries, nearby fun spots). There is also a privacy setting that allows you to send invites via text/email so the whole world doesn’t know your exact whereabouts.

But that’s not all! The technology gets smarter as you use the app, meaning it will make recommendations based on your history and preferences.

RedRover is currently available in select markets (again, I’m talking cities here), but that list is sure to expand, and your town might be next! Lucky.

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