3 thoughts on “Poll: How Do You Read GeekDad?

  1. Love GeekDad and it’s awesome that you’re on your own now. The poll was interesting, but I access GeekDad through more than one of those options. I wish you had allowed a “Click All That Apply” option.

    That aside, I have great hope for the future of GeekDad, being a proud GeekDad myself 🙂

  2. I also follow on G+. Unfortunately, I don’t often get the “whole” article because they don’t come through the RSS, unless that was changed with the move in which case I need to move them back to the readable while offline folder and have them scheduled for download.

  3. I read on the web page, but your current format is causing me to think about using an RSS reader.

    Please take this as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Just my first impressions…

    I’d rather see larger article graphics in a linear format from top to bottom than the two column view with new articles on the left and older articles on the right. It’s confusing chronologically and visually since the articles are misaligned.

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