Educators – Mindstorms EV3 Release Date Announced

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This morning, Lego Education announced that the highly anticipated update to the Mindstorms robotics platform, Mindstorms EV3, will begin shipping this summer on August 1. The education-based kit, which is accompanied with a rich and highly customizableĀ curriculumĀ is available to preorder now. Retail sets are scheduled to be released later, in the fall of this year.

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3 thoughts on “Educators – Mindstorms EV3 Release Date Announced

  1. I love me some lego robots, but, egad, is it expensive!

    I tried to get my local library to purchase a kit or two for our youth sessions, but when I got to the bit about the proce, they understandably balked.

    I can understand the price tag for the hardware and components, but the software license fees are just ridiculous.

  2. If you buy the Mindstorms Education kit, how is the curriculum information delivered? Do you have to access it online via some kind of code, or is there a CD included with the kit?

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