GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Answer: Thanksgiving Defies Logic (And Apparently Time)

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Five days late and now the wrong “turkey” to boot? Sheesh. Must be the holidays. Image: Flickr/ThomasDepenbusch

Is it Thursday already? Oh man, that was some strong Thanksgiving brew. Now that I’ve Rip Van Winkled back to the land of the living, it seems past time to announce the winner of last week’s GeekDad puzzle. For those of you who can’t remember what you had for breakfast this morning let alone the content of last week’s puzzle, here’s a refresher:

Match Joe, Kristi, Zoe, Leif and Cameron with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, yams, and stuffing, with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, nut-free, and sugar-free.

1. The turkey is vegetarian. Don’t ask how. Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble.

2. Kristi, the traitor, has discovered (decided?) as an adult that she is gluten intolerant.

3. Neither Joe nor Zoe is vegetarian.

4. Cameron ate dairy-free cranberry sauce. There is a good chance that even this will disagree with him, but what’cha gonna do?

5. Zoe has no problem with sugar and, dude, the yams are full of it. The yams also have nuts. And Zoe doesn’t eat stuffing

Believe it or not, there were many answers and no incorrect answers this week (er — last week). The answer is, of course:

1. Joe ate Sugar-free Stuffing

2. Kristi ate Gluten-free Yams

3. Zoe ate Nut-free Mashed Potatoes

4. Leif ate Vegetarian Turkey

5. Cameron ate Dairy-free Cranberry Sauce
And as a father, can you guess what I ate? Yep, that’s right: absolutely everything that was left on every plate. The winner of this week’s $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate, randomly selected from the veritable plethora or correct entrants is Heather, who is likely not a dad, per se, and freely admitted to doping: Heather, a teacher, gave the puzzle to her academically gifted 5th graders. Presumably this week the 5th graders are rolling cigars in the poorly ventilated school basement. In any case, the rest of us can use the code GEEKDAD33NG for $10 off a ThinkGeek order of $50 or more.
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