Exclusive First Looks at Paul and Storm, John Anealio at Nerdtacular, Singing to George R. R. Martin

Geek Culture

We have a fantastic bit of geek music to present to you today. Nerdtacular is a fabulous geek gathering in Salt Lake City, Utah, each year, put on by local nerds. It’s more than a moot, but less than a con, meaning it’s intimate, but still brings some frabjous guests. Like Paul and Storm, and John Anealio. And, wonderfully, we have two never-before-seen (except at Nerdtacular) songs from each of those geek troubadours, both plaintive calls to George R.R. Martin to get off his duff and finish the Game of Thrones books. First off, Paul and Storm:

And, awesomely, another song in the same theme from GeekDad’s own John Anealio, but this one rises to the defense of the author! Savor the geeky music goodness!

Note: You can get the full concert with both acts–and more–on the Nerdtacular ’12 DVD sets, released today.

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