Recap of Bay Area Maker Faire 2012


Maker Faire Bay Area 2012Maker Faire Bay Area 2012

Photo CC licensed by SparkFunElectronics on Flickr

Even if you went to Maker Faire two weekends ago it is likely that you missed some things. I know every year I am surprised to watch the post-Faire coverage and see just how much I missed. It isn’t possible to see everything in two days, and it’s even less so for those of us who help staff a booth. I’m not complaining though. Hanging out in the GeekDad booth and chatting with you, our readers, is about as much fun as I could ask for.

To help those of you, like me, who didn’t see as much as you’d like, here are a few video recaps of the 2012 Bay Area Maker Faire. Each is ten minutes or less and covers a lot of different projects.

First up is a video by the guys at Dangerous Prototypes. The highlight 13 different projects, only 3 of which I saw when I was looking around. Video and links are provided on Dangerous Prototypes at: Project Interviews at Bay Area Maker Faire 2012. Ian from Dangerous Prototypes also posted up a video of what to expect as a Maker at Maker Faire and interviews a few other open source superstars on the way. See that video at: HOW-TO VIDEO: Bay Area Maker Faire 2012.

Youtube user Inferno10 has a well-shot video, simply titled “Maker Faire Bay Area 2012” that covers a lot of the art exhibits. Wade Roush from Xconomy also produced a similar short video that shows more projects. DIYer’s Delight: Video from Maker Faire 2012.

TreeHugger has a nice selection of some of the greener how-to videos at: Maker Faire 2012: EcoJaunt’s How-To Videos For Green Living.

And once again I missed Adam Savage’s talk, but that was intentional. I knew someone would get a great HD video of the talk and I could watch it from my desk chair instead of standing in the back of a crowded room. Thankfully the guys at did just that. See the video below, then click over to and check out some of the best Maker Faire coverage I could find.

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