GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: Another Coffee Conundrum

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Caffeine source. Image: Flickr/Mararie cc licenseCaffeine source. Image: Flickr/Mararie cc licenseI’m at a conference in Portland, Oregon. That means free, good coffee and lots of it. In fact, it seems there’s a limitless supply of immediately available, dark black coffee. And I would happily drink cup after cup of said coffee, maybe with just a splash of half and half each time. But I know from experience that if I do, I’ll soon be lying on the floor, catatonic but for my twitching eyeballs and very quiet, high-pitched whine, which I truly believe to be a direct product of my brain without involvement from my vocal chords.

Each cup gives me a jolt and then the jolt decays across time according to the following equation (t in minutes): Jitters=10-[(t-10)^2]/10

So at minute 10 after consuming a cup of coffee (which, for the purposes of this puzzle happens instantly), I reach a maximum of “10” jitters. At a combined 20 jitters, I go catatonic. With what frequency can I instantly consume coffee without the combined jitters passing this important tipping point?

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