Videos Help Arm Young Skeptics With Logic

Education Technology Videos

In a day and age where presidential candidates think that wanting to go to college makes you a snob and people listen to celebrities over scientists about the safety of life-saving vaccines, it often seems as if critical thinking is a long lost art. To help educate a new generation of skeptics, Australian firm Bridge 8 and animator James Hutson created a series of six short videos that introduce the viewer to the basic principles of logic in a clever and engaging way. Although this will not take the place of a college class, for school age children these videos are a must-see.

According to the Bridge 8 web site, the videos were designed for 8–10 year olds, but my wife and I really enjoyed them as a refresher course.

Teachers can get supplemental educational resource from TechNYou for their classes, and the videos have been released under a Creative Commons license, so share them freely.

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