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The iSpaced from OsciumThe iSpaced from Oscium

The iSpaced from Oscium

I may have finally found the ultimate iOS accessory. It works with your iPad, your iPhone, and even your iPod touch and is certified for orbital operations. I am talking about the iSpaced from Oscium and I am very impressed with the device.

You may recall my previous review of an Oscium product, the iMSO-104 oscilloscope. The iMSO-104 allows your iOS device to be used as an oscilloscope and logic analyzer. Now, that same company allows you to boost your iOS device into Earth orbit with the iSpaced. From the Oscium press release:

iSpaced weighs a mere two pounds, measures 4″ x 4″ x 5.3″ and has a default orbiting altitude of 30,000 feet. iSpaced features an easy to use interface that allows the user to customize altitude height and inclination. The interface will adjust the orbit velocity and time based on the user defined altitude. iSpaced also comes with a remote that allows the user to initiate takeoff and landing of the iOS product. iSpaced retails for $49,990 and is available worldwide.

“At Oscium we pride ourselves in pushing the boundary of what is possible.” said Bryan Lee, President of Oscium. “First we started with rethinking the oscilloscope, then the power meter, and then we had an epiphany. Why be weighed down by having to carry your iOS products? We believe that this is the breakthrough of the year.”

I have been able to try the iSpaced and the results are breathtaking. It is very nice being able to launch my iOS device into an orbit of my choice, saving me the trouble of carrying the device around and collecting some data in the mean time. When I need access, I just use the remote and de-orbit the device to my location. I have tested equatorial low-earth orbits, geosynchronous orbits, and polar orbits and they all worked perfectly. The device uses an ablative heat shield for re-entry so be sure to buy a pack of the heat shield accessories. The cost of the device may seem a little high at just under $50,000 but I believe it is worth the home equity loan or second mortgage you may need. Give yourself that little treat you know you deserve and check out the iSpaced today!

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