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Wearin' the GoJo!Wearin' the GoJo!

When I was first approached about reviewing the GoJo, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. Here’s an adjustable headset with a suction cup that attaches to your mobile phone and allows you to talk on it without holding it. Yes, it does look a bit ridiculous. But let me explain why I actually plan on using the GoJo occasionally.

First, while I do have a Bluetooth earpiece, I always (a) forget to keep it charged and (b) can never find it. And since I always have the Bluetooth feature turned on, it does drain my battery a bit even when I’m not using it. Argh.

Second, I hate using the Speakerphone feature on my phone. I’m not sure about your phone, but my Android can deplete half the battery in 20 minutes of speakerphone talk time.

Third, as a tech writer, I spend a lot of time writing and talking simultaneously. Pinching the phone between my shoulder and ear has been a pain since I was a teenager, but so far there’s really been no other solution if you want both hands free. I know my editors hate it when they call me and I’m typing away during the conversation, but they’re editors and I feel like since they’re paying me to write and are often calling me to inquire about whether my latest chapter is finished, I shouldn’t feel the need to stop writing when they interrupt my flow.

Finally, I think it’s hilarious to stick it to my phone and wear it like a set of 1980s AM/FM ear cans, only with a sleeker design.

Does it work? Yes. But…

1. Your phone may differ, but I have to remove my case in order for the suction cup to stick to the smooth back of my phone. I don’t like this. I can deal with it because I’ll just snap on the case when I head out, but while working at home I can deal with it. Also, the GoJo comes with a couple of non-slip mats that can be used with the suction cup — my test units didn’t have the pads so I cannot verify their function.

2. It’s going to feel funny for a heavier phone. My phone is light, so no problems there. But my wife’s Android has a slide-out keyboard that makes the phone slightly heavier and much thicker and a bit awkward to have it against the side of your head.

3. It takes some getting used to — you’ve got to find that perfect place to stick the suction cup and then figure out the best location for bending the phone so it’s in the ideal position for listening. This takes a few tries every time I use it. Since you’re unlikely to wear it when you’re not talking, this can be a bit awkward when you answer a call and then have to ask the caller to hold on while you properly position the headset.

4. The sliding arm (with the suction cup) that allows you to adjust the size will pop out if you pull it down too far. It goes right back in, but I do worry that a heavier phone might be just enough to pull it out and case a catastrophic failure of your communications device.

Like I said… it’s a bit funny looking to wear, but it really does work. It holds my phone securely and I don’t feel like it’s going to drop and break. That said, I only plan on using it at my desk and not walking around on the street where it really could fall and where it could really be embarrassing running into a friend who will snap a picture and post it to Facebook.

So… the GoJo Hands Free Adjustable Headset will have a place on my desk that’s within easy reach so I can always type and talk without worries. And it comes in a 2-pack, so my wife gets one, too! (The current sale is buy one pack, get one free… so you get four GoJo headsets, perfect for sharing with your bowling team or reading group!)

Wired: Fits well. Suction cup feels strong. Works as advertised.

Tired: May not work with protective cases. Heavier phones may feel odd. Solid risk of embarrassing Facebook photo appearing.

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