EPillow: A Lapdesk for Your Tablet

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Playing with iPad on ePillowPlaying with iPad on ePillow

Playing with the iPad on the ePillow. Photo: Jonathan Liu

If you spend a lot of time playing with a tablet — particularly the iPad, which is fairly heavy — you’ve probably gotten tired of holding it up, and setting it on a desk and looking down at it isn’t the greatest position for your neck. I was sent a sample of this accessory that’s meant to make your tablet a little more comfy: the ePillow. It’s basically just a pillow with a leatherette lip, sized to hold a tablet and turning your iPad (or what-have-you) into a lap desk. According to the website, the ePillow will fit: Acer Iconia A500, Android ePad, Android Toughbook, iPad and iPad 2, HP Touchpad, HTC Flyer Android, LG Iconia A 500, LG Optimus, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy 10 … and various others. I know that the width of the ledge is about exactly the same as the iPad 2, so as long as it’s not any larger than that you should be fine. They also suggest you can use it for hardcover books, which I’ve only done once or twice, but unless it’s a really hefty book you probably don’t need it for that.

ePillow frontePillow front

The ePillow has a small pocket on the side for headphones, reading glasses, tiny snacks… Photo: Jonathan Liu


There's a strap on the back of the ePillow. Photo: Jonathan Liu

There’s a small pocket on one side where you can stash some small things: your earbuds, for example, or your stylus. On the back is soft strap that you can use for carrying it, sized so that it’ll fit over the handle of your carry-on roller suitcase. I haven’t actually used the ePillow for travel, but I imagine it might raise my iPad up nicely above the seat-back tray.

It’s a pretty simple idea, and I suppose if you have a throw pillow it would work in a pinch. However, the little ledge on the ePillow lets you hold your tablet at more of an angle without it slipping around. One issue I found, at least with my iPad, is that if you wedge it down into the lip it may be trickier to access the edge of the screen — fine for watching movies, but not great if you’re trying to type on the on-screen keyboard. Also, depending on which way you turn your iPad, you can’t access the volume controls.

The ePillow retails for $29.95 and is available in a variety of colors. A quick search online shows a variety of similar products, some with actual hard surfaces and some with different features, but if you like using your table whie lounging around on the couch or in bed, then some sort of cushion can make the experience a bit more comfortable.

For more info, visit the ePillow website.

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