Betty White: A 90-year-old Action Hero

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The parenting bloggers and Betty White. Guess which one is me.

When I told my teenagers I would be flying to California in February as part of a press junket about The Lorax movie and would get to meet and interview some of the stars, one name jumped out at them.

No, not Zac Efron or Taylor Swift.

Betty White.

“Ohmigod, Betty White rocks,” exclaimed my college freshman daughter. My 16-year-old son agreed and was more impressed that I’d get to met her even over Ed Helms, one of his favorites from The Office.

Of course, I had to tell Betty about this during the roundtable interview session for the parenting bloggers. Her reply was nearly instantaneous.

“You have very smart children!”

Well, I think so.

I asked what she thought it was about her that appealed to the younger generation so strongly and she said, “I think it’s honesty. I think they’re pretty honest at this point, and if you start talking down to them, they’ll turn you off in a minute.”

Before anyone asks, yes, she’s just as sharp as she appears on television. She had several one-liners off the top of her head during the session. Asked whether she had angered anyone in her life because she seems so good-natured, Betty said “I have two ex-husbands.”

She talked about The Lorax and how thrilled she was to be a part of it.

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