Diablo III: Book of Cain, Take Two

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Image courtesy of Insight Editions

I received a review copy of the book, Diablo III: Book of Cain from the publisher and I have to admit that it is even better in hand than I imagined. It feels great, much like an in-game artifact may feel. It feels hefty and solid and the texture on the cover is very cool.

The inside doesn’t disappoint either. The pages are thick and have a nice old yellowed color with ragged edges. The book is heavily illustrated with plenty of sketches in the margins, and quite a few full page drawings.

The introduction is written by Deckard Cain as he passes the torch to his adopted daughter, Leah. He urges her to study the information in his notes and drawings, unsure of what will ultimately be important, and mentions that her first duty is to forestall the end times.

What follows is Cain’s record of the lore and history of the Diablo universe. I think any Diablo fans will get a kick out of reading this book, but unless you are already familiar with the universe it may be a bit confusing in places.

Wired: Awesome illustrations, cool stories, and a great conversational tone throughout most of the book.

Tired: Not much, but on occasion the torn edges of the paper made them difficult to turn.

This book is available now at Amazon now for $23.

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