Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures Contest Winners

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We received a lot of great costume ideas but few with photos and fewer yet with instructions on how to build it. After snagging five random numbers from and matching them up against the list of entries we have winners. I’ve emailed them all, so you should know who you are now.

The winning costume ideas were: A Goku from Dragon Ball Z, The Mayor from A Nightmare Before Christmas, A knight in cardboard armor and two group costumes. They were Mario, Luigi, and Peach, and Hagrid, Harry and Hermione.

The Goku costumer posted a short howto. He grew his hair out for 3 months, dyed it jet black and donned an orange dyed karate outfit. A pretty simple, yet effective costume.

The Mario trio included more detailed instructions:

I am making our children into Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi for Halloween. For our daughter, I am making her dress out of a crushed velor like fabric mainly bright pink, with accents of light pink and white. I am using McCalls pattern 6420 the little girl in the pink dress is the dress I am making. For our sons, I am buying them dark denim overalls with crayola red and green long sleeve shirts under. I am making their hats out of felt and using an embroidery machine for the L and M on the hats. For my husband and I, I am planning on making Toad and Toadette hat in respectively, red and white and pink and white.

And Rubeus Hagrid gave some hints on how he made his costume:

Me as Rubeus Hagrid, son Dennis as Harry Potter & daughter Anna as Hermione Granger – Halloween, 2002. My wife made the children’s costumes and I made mine from scratch, mostly from a huge piece of faux fur. We had lots of fun going in costume to several midnight book releases and movie premieres over the years.

Congratulations to the lucky winners. I hope you have fun with your costumes this Halloween!

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