Gaming Mom Joins Family Gamer TV, Talks Kinect

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Family Gamer TV meets gaming mom Vanessa. She talks about her history with the Wii and how Kinect compares. Just Dance 3 is her game of choice this week, something I follow up with news about the recently released Kinect Sports 2.

What We’re Playing: Having heard from Tim in previous FGTV episodes we grabbed a chance to sit down with Vanessa, his wife, and get a mom’s (or, as we say in the UK, “mum’s”) perspective. Here’s what we talked about:

Gaming Surgery: This is where we get to answer your questions about family gaming. This week’s question is:

Does my family need to subscribe to Xbox Live on the 360?

This depends on how your friends and family want to use the Xbox 360, in particular if you want to take advantage of playing games against people in different locations around the world. We outlined the different features provided by the different Xbox Live services:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Family Pack

Next time we’ll update you with the latest information on Skylanders Characters (something that’s becoming a minor addiction in my household). We’ll also be looking at Once Upon a Monster, Super Mario 3D Land and Zelda Skyward Sword. Busy time of year for family gamers.

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