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Family Gamer TV takes you into the homes of families starting to play video games. Be a fly on the wall with us as Tim and Vanessa’s continue their journey with Kinect. We also take the chance to talk about new games like Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet on Xbox 360 and Limbo on PS3.

Today marks the second episode of FGTV, although you may want to catch our previous episodes to be in on things right at the start. The next episode will premiere exclusively on GeekDad in two weeks.

Family Gamer TV Episode 2Family Gamer TV Episode 2

Family Gamer TV Episode 2

Each episode of Family Gamer TV I track with different families as they are starting out with their gaming journey. I’m often surprised what they find works best for them, and what is simply a bad fit. Although it starts as me introducing them to video-games, I’m soon learning about what makes for a good game in their family setting and it’s not always what I expect.

Because I write about games for a living, I play most of the new titles. So I take some time in each show to highlight some hot titles that are often not on the radar for families. This is a great chance to talk about some of the lesser known games that have worked for my kids and wider family. Games like Driver San Francisco Wii with its unusual DS connectivity or even Wipeout HD on the PlayStation 3 with its kid friendly steering assistance.

Last but not least, I answer viewers’ questions on FGTV. These focus on aspects of gaming that don’t get talked about all that often because they are specific to playing games in a family. Some will undoubtedly focus on how to play games safely, looking at family settings on different devices. But I’ve also got some great questions lined up that will lead us to talk about video games in unusual and interesting ways.

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