PAX Prime Starts Tomorrow – Find a GeekDad and Maybe Get a Prize

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The big weekend is upon us! The Penny Arcade Expo starts tomorrow at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle, and the GeekDads will be there in force.

Stuff we're giving away at the panel.

Of course, the big deal for the GeekDads (and friends – GeekMom Cathe Post, Asha and Rael Dornfest) is our Geek Parenting Panel on Sunday, 10:00am – 11:30am in the Pegasus theater, which is one of the biggest theaters there! We’re hoping lots of you show up, because we don’t want to be talking to an empty room, and because then we’d have to take all the awesome games we’ve got to give away home with us instead.

On second thought, stay away!

Of course, we’ll all be roaming around the convention, seeing all the great new games and playing a bunch too (my wife and kids are coming, so lots of gaming sessions must happen!). And I’m putting this out there: Besides what we’ll be giving away at the panel, one or more of us GeekDads will be carrying some GeekDad swag around with us to give away as well. If you can find a GeekDad at the con (identifiable by our t-shirts or buttons), and tell us “I LOVE GEEKDAD,” we will hopefully have something we can give you, like a GeekDad-bag to cart the rest of your con swag around in, or a GeekDad or GeekKid t-shirt.

We’re also not above barter for con swag.

And if you have a copy of either of my books you’d like me to sign, bring it along!

So, we hope we’ll see you there. And if you’re on Twitter, keep an eye on the following handles who are all GeekDads who will be there:

Dave Banks
Ken Denmead
Jonathan Liu
Curtis Silver
Michael Venables
Matt Morgan

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