Dark Matter Explained in Six Minutes… (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

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Dark Matters

The PHDComics site has a particularly good video up on the subject of dark matter. The video is done in a style similar to the wonderful RSA Animate video series in that a fascinating talk by experts is illustrated with hand-drawn illustrations that emphasize the content of the discussion.

The video in question is a discussion between a couple of knowledgeable physicists who manage to make the subject of particle physics and astronomy comprehensible to even those of us without a PhD. The audio is a little noisy, given that it was recorded in a cafeteria, but the visuals more than make up for that.

If you can’t view the embedded video here, you can also watch it on Vimeo or the PHD Comics website.

And after you’ve watched that, be sure to check out the RSA Animate videos I mentioned above. These videos are animated versions of TED Talks, and are all worth your time….

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