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Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica imageEnterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica image

Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica

Whether you’re a geek or a nerd you likely understand the importance of collectables in your home or office décor, and whether you’re a Trekkie or a Browncoat you’re probably aware that Quantum Mechanix produces some of the finest licensed sci-fi props and replicas around. Recently a mysterious and unexpected parcel arrived at my door from the QMx labs, and to my delight it contained one of their most ambitious and popular products to date, the Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica.

This 1:1 scale model was cast from a master used to create stunt phasers for 2009′s J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot, which certainly gives it some unique clout. The QMx team’s meticulous eye for detail likewise affords the product an undeniable level of visual appeal.

Boasting four-finish metal plating over its resin core, the phaser looks as smart as it does deadly. The chrome of the handle contrasts nicely against the satin gun metal trim, which in turn highlights the red accent of the firing nozzle. In addition to making the piece look far more menacing than some common toy, the metal plating also gives the phaser some nice heft and balance. Weighing in at just over a pound, it certainly feels substantial.

There’s an almost unsurpassed level of craftsmanship that obviously went into the production of this replica, with the only visible defects being the slightly less than perfect seams between adjoining finishes on the phaser’s underside. Aside from that my only knock concerns a lack of moving parts. (A swiveling nozzle would’ve been nice, but a dedicated member of the fan community has already made this modification a reality.) Still, this single-piece construction lowers the asking price significantly. At around $50 dollars the Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica is either a moderate investment in your cosplay arsenal or a decent price for a fanboy-centered conversation piece.

When you’re not using the phaser to gun down imaginary Klingons, the prop rests comfortably in the included Lucite display stand. But as nice as it looks all propped up on the mantel or, in my case, nestled between the stapler and the tape dispenser, it’s the way the phaser feels in-hand that makes all the difference. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a Kirk or a Spock or, hell, even a redshirt, the Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica will certainly help you get your Starfleet on. While the more old school among us would likely rather have a classic Type II phaser with this level of detail, those unafraid to embrace Abrams’ new direction will easily find this a replica worth having.

Review materials provided by: Quantum Mechanix

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