Mother’s Day 2011 Aftermath. Or, How I Learned What My Kids Really Think of Me.

My oldest son's Mother's Day card. Photo: Patricia Vollmer
My youngest son's Mother's Day card. Photo: Patricia Vollmer

Hopefully the moms reading this had a nice Mother’s Day.  I enjoyed a nice day with my sons (ages 8 and 6). I’ve cracked the code for happy kids: a trip to the beach!  They were happy, I was happy watching (and catching a few waves with a Boogie Board!), all was well with the world.

The boys each brought home really cute Mother’s Day gifts from school on Friday. I’m such a sucker for handprint art from my kids!

My 6-year-old asked me to turn his Mother’s Day card to me into a Handprint Identification Panel for his room.  So that only he could enter/exit, and not his brother.  Okay, why not?  What else was I going to do with a Mother’s Day gift from my son?

That's my handprint on the right, so I could access his room to empty his trashcans and take care of his laundry. Otherwise he would have been on his own for those chores! Photo: Patricia Vollmer

Each boy also brought home these question and answer sheets.  They filled in the blanks answering questions about Mom.
I won’t show the whole thing — since it has things like my age and my favorite colors. You guys don’t need to know all that.  But here’s a sliver of each boys’ assignment, which is a glimpse into what they think about me.

My oldest son's perception of me. What do you mean I'm always typing on my laptop? Oh wait, I guess I'm doing that now, aren't I? Photo: Patricia Vollmer
What my youngest son thinks I enjoy doing the most. Shopping? Sure! Cleaning? Well, I wonder how much longer I can lead my kids on that I actually enjoy cleaning. Photo: Patricia Vollmer

The other questions and answers were all very nice.  My oldest son’s above answer above certainly has me assessing the laptop fused to my lap, and whether it’s time to back off a little.  I think so.

So if you see less of me online, this is probably why…

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Patricia Vollmer is the proud mother of two emerging geek sons, ages 12 & 14. She serves part time as a meteorologist with the Air Force Reserve and is currently assigned to the U.S. Air Force Academy. Patricia blogs about her family's nomadic military life at Ground Control to Major Mom. Home is always where the Air Force sends her family, which for now is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hobbies include running, despite no one chasing her, sharing her love for Disney and Star Wars, and exploring the world with her boys. Ask her why the sky is blue at your own risk.