Return of the Rocket Man

Geek Culture

Remember Steve Eves and his 36-foot rocket?

It’s sequel time!

Two years after his record-setting blast-off, the Northeast Ohio builder behind the 1:10 scale Saturn V is scheduled to launch a smaller but more complex Saturn 1B model this Saturday, April 16. The 1B stands “only” 25 feet tall, but Eves tackled a two-stage rocket this time around.

Double bonus: A single-stage 1B built by Vern Hoag at the same 1:9 scale is also set to lift off that afternoon — launch times are noon and 2 p.m.

Rocketry Planet has some cool photos offering a peek into the construction, and if you’re going to be near Price, Maryland, this weekend, the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association page has all the information you’ll need to find Higgs Farm.

(Note: Current weather forecasts call for a windy and rainy Saturday in Price. If there’s a washout, they’ll try Sunday.)

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