CarCheckup – A New Way to Keep My Teen Safe.

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When we had our first two children just over a year apart, we knew that it might make some stages of life tricky. Potty training, times two. Science fairs, times two. And then, eventually, teen drivers, times two. So when products started coming on the market that could track a teen driver, I sat up and paid attention. When one of those products became available for review, I practically raced to the front of the line, screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!”

At this moment, we have two and a half teen drivers living in this house. The nineteen year old has been driving for a couple of years now. Her eighteen year old brother has a permit but has stalled on getting his official license. Coming up the ranks is their fourteen year old brother, who will be eligible for a driving permit later this year, according to the laws of the state we’re moving to. If we survive all of those driving adventures, we have one more son, who is five years away from taking the wheel. I am definitely the person to try out a teen driver tracking device.


The product we’ve had in our house for the past few months is called the CarCheckup. Their slogan is “Connect. Drive. Know.” I was surprised to find it’s a handy little device that can be used for much more than just monitoring teens. The more I thought about it, the more I wished we’d had this thing when my grandmother was on the edge of needing to hand over her driving privilege (she was legally blind and still driving). CarCheckup can also be used to track business miles and, one of my favorite features, it monitors the car’s check engine light.

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