A Fresh Take on Elite From Egosoft


X RebirthX Rebirth

X Rebirth

We just got news of a new game from Egosoft in their popular space-trading X-series. These games have offered a popular version of the space-trading experience popularized by Elite. The game is called X Rebirth, here’s what we know about it so far…

X Rebirth returns the X series to a new beginning, and fresh opportunities for Egosoft’s take on the combat space trading genre popularized by Elite and Frontier.

After a long-term success of the X series, games that took the space trading premise of Elite in a high-definition direction, Egosoft has just announced the next game in the series, X Rebirth.

Rebirth is set in the distant future as the X universe faces a period of profound change. Adventures intertwine the unfolding drama as new enemies rise in search of power. We pick up with a young adventurer traveling in an old, beaten up ship. But this is a ship with a glorious past that slowly unfolds.

As its name suggests X Rebirth represents a new beginning for the series that aims to draw in loyal fans and newcomers alike. New this time is a focus on varied game play and action-packed combat. New trade mechanics and space exploration enable players to experience a unique saga over many hours of game play.

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