Name Your Own Hero or Villain With Len Peralta’s “50 vs. 50”

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Len Peralta's 50 vs. 50

One of our favorite geeky artists, Len Peralta (of Geek-a-Week collectable card fame) has been invited to the San Diego Comic-Con, and to pay his way, he’s started an awesome new project: 50 vs. 50. For the low price of $50, you send him the name of your imagined hero or villain (must be an original, no Marvel, DC or other existing characters), their primary power and their primary weakness. In return, Len will send you an original piece of art (as a digital file, or for $25 more the actual signed illustration) based on your description. It’s a great way to get a cool, geeky gift for yourself or someone else (remember, GeekMom’s Day and GeekDad’s Day are both coming up fast!).

Link to the 50 vs. 50 website.

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