Meet Alvin and Dexter: Your New Ticket to Ride Buddies

Geek Culture

Alvin and Dexter coverAlvin and Dexter coverIf you’re a fan of Ticket to Ride, the excellent train-building board game from Days of Wonder, here’s something new to look forward to. Alvin and Dexter is a new expansion coming in February which will work with any of the Ticket to Ride games. Alvin is an alien in a flying saucer, and Dexter is a Godzilla-ish giant reptile, and both of them are to coming to wreak a little havoc on the maps.

Whenever Alvin or Dexter is in a city, no routes can be built into or out of that city until the monster is moved by using locomotive cards. Plus, at the end of the game any destination tickets that include Alvin’s and Dexter’s locations are worth half the points, and you also get extra points for moving them the most times during the game.

I haven’t gotten to play it yet, but expect a write-up later on. For now, read up on Ticket to Ride if you haven’t played it before, and then head to the Days of Wonder website for more info on the upcoming expansion.

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