Get Social in Planet Domo


The internet’s favorite little brown monster is now playing on Facebook. Or I guess it would make more sense to say that there is a Facebook game featuring Domo. It seems that Domo has taken a cue from Carmen Sandiego and gone on a whirlwind traveling adventure in Planet Domo. It is now up to the players and their friends to collect clues and complete missions in order to find the last place Domo was spotted.

The game takes players around the world in search of Domo. As a location is completed the player collects destination postcards, which can be shared, on Facebook and with friends. The player also accumulates experience points, which allow them to level up and gain more points in the character statistics. This makes competing against other players much easier. The players also earn gems that can be used to purchase virtual goods for the player character and virtual gifts to send to friends. This is my first venture into Facebook games, so please forgive me if I overstate the obvious.

Planet Domo missions are free to play, but the application also offers players the ability to play through the game more quickly by purchasing virtual goods. Domo already has a significant presence on Facebook with thousands of friends and array of virtual goods developed with Virtual Greats, the world’s leading virtual goods sales and distribution system. I have had a blast playing this little game. If you are into these types of games, or have never tried one (like me) – give Planet Domo a few minutes; you will be hooked. It is age appropriate for any person old enough to be on Facebook.

In case you were wondering – “who is this Domo character?” Domo is the reigning poster child for personalized, user-generated content around the world. Planet Domo was developed by Big Tent Entertainment and TheBroth, Inc., the creator of the Barn Buddy (another addictive social network game).

Planet Domo is currently available at

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