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Carisma GT14 R/C CarsCarisma GT14 R/C Cars

Carisma GT14 R/C Cars

A year ago I got together with a few friends to start a R/C Car Club. Since then we’ve had a wide range of people turn up to our regular Sunday meetings. Pretty much everyone who has come once has bought themselves a Carisma GT14 R/C car and joined in the fun.

Carisma GT14Carisma GT14

Carisma GT14

But as well as bolstering our numbers it’s been great to see that each new member has brought with them new skills and expertise that we can all make use of.

One of our most recent additions of instance has turned out to be an expert in customizing his car. He’s even had it decked out in his company colors.

To pool some of this knowledge we’ve started to produce a series of how-to guides. Some of these simply walk you through changing the GT14 Steering Servo, while others go a little more in depth with projects to replace a worn GT14 differential.

GT14 Slipper AdjustmentGT14 Slipper Adjustment

GT14 Slipper Adjustment

Something that has made the biggest difference to new members has been the advice on adjusting the GT14′s Slipper Bolt. This not only ensures you can maximum traction on the driving surface, but also enables to you adjust power between the front and rear wheels – which we’ve found is invaluable to drift consistently.

Most recently we’ve been looking at the changes made by manufacturers in response to the GT14 racing community. This has culminated with the Carisma GT14 MK2 kits.

While I hope the information is helpful to newcomers to the 1/14th scale R/C scene, I think the most important lesson here is to start your own club and see who turns up. This time last year the sort of line-up you see above was pretty much unthinkable. See how we get on through our Carisma GT14 blog.

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