Playing Games at PAX, Part Three: Dungeon Crawl


Giant D20Giant D20

I don't roll 20s. But I can pretend.

I may have mentioned before that, aside from having missed the entirety of Star Trek: The Next Generation, another gap in my geek resume is that I’d never actually played Dungeons & Dragons before. In middle school I made up my own “mazes” for friends, using d6s for attacks and generally just making things up as I went along. Well, with the big RPG contingent at PAX, I figured I’d give it a shot to see what it was like. In addition to D&D, there were several other games this weekend that involved dungeons and monsters. Here are some of the highlights:

All in all, I had a fantastic time at PAX and would gladly go again. Except next time my card games are going in my checked luggage. (Keep reading; you’ll see.)

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