Fruit Ninja Updated for Game Center Multi-Player

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Fruit Ninja Multi-playerFruit Ninja Multi-player

Fruit Ninja, one of my favorite apps, has just gotten even better. If you’ve installed the latest iOS update on your iPhone or iPod touch, you probably noticed this new app that showed up called “Game Center.” It’s a way to connect to other users for multi-player games, but since it’s new there aren’t a lot of apps that take advantage of the Game Center capabilities yet. (Farmville tops the list.) The folks at Halfbrick Studios have gotten an update of Fruit Ninja up already, and introduced a new multi-player version: you and your opponent get one minute to slash as many fruits as you can. The catch is that you only want to slash certain fruit: blue ones give you a point each; red ones cost you three points each; white ones give either player three points, whoever slashes it first. There are also bonuses for cutting at least three fruit in one stroke.

It’s a fascinating way to play, since you’re both watching the same thing but striking at different goals, and you can see the other player’s hacks and slashes as they play. Since I haven’t set up a Game Center friend list yet, I just used Auto-Match to find opponents. After each game, you can request a rematch and the app will keep track of your wins and losses with that opponent. I started up the app just to check on a few things for this post, and ended up spending about half an hour in a heated battle. (I lost, 10 to 9, and decided that was a good time to quit.) Derekdpw, if you’re reading this, I want a re-match!

If you haven’t gotten Fruit Ninja already, now’s a great time to get it. Halfbrick continues to release fantastic updates for it, and if you have an iPad it’s a truly gorgeous game to play. (And the iPad version also has a two-player head-to-head mode.)

Fruit Ninja is a bargain at $.99; Fruit Ninja HDfor the iPad) is a little more at $4.99.

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