Don’t Miss the Demon’s Souls Window

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Demon's Souls PS3 (image:

Running a videogame blog usually involves chasing people to write about games. But one game that I have had no trouble getting prose for is Demon’s Souls. Without any encouragement from me the families, workers and specialist gamers on Game People have turned in five Demon’s Souls reviews.

It’s a game that creates a strong connection with the player. And almost all the reviews I have read have talked affectionately about its gameplay even when it gets really hard – and this is perhaps one of the hardest games I’ve played.

But the opportunity to experience this game as it was intended is closing. You see, a big part of the experience is the online interplay you have with other players and the how the real world seasons affect the virtual play space. Atlus has promised they will keep their US servers open until next March, but in Demon’s Souls terms that’s not a huge amount of time.

As a little encouragement to get on and play the game, I put together a Demon’s Souls podcast (iTunes, RSS, Listen now) with various reviewers (Alex Beech, Sinan Kubba and Jon Seddon) to try and capture what it is that makes this game so special.

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