GeekDad Puzzle Of The Week: Where’s Waldo — Er, Dave?


We’re going to try something different this week.

I’m going to venture out from behind the keyboard and monitor glow to head out into the real world. Along with GeekDad Jonathan Liu, I’m going to Comic-Con in San Diego to bask in the geeky goodness of comic books, sci-fi stories, movies, TV shows, games & more.

And because I have the honor of writing this week’s puzzle, I thought: what a great opportunity for a scavenger hunt! On the surface, this one’s pretty easy: The first person to find me at Comic-Con and tell me the phrase “I’m old enough to remember when MCP was just a chess program” will win a $50 gift certificate from the good people at ThinkGeek.

But I know you’re thinking “Alas, Dave, there’s going to be a brazillian people there. How will I ever find you?” — so I’ve got a couple hints to help you out. As long as the odor doesn’t become intolerable, I’ll be decked out in my attractive and stylish GeekDad shirt. It shouldn’t be too tough for you to figure out what I look like and if you look in the right place, my incredibly over-booked Comic-Con User Schedule can be found online. I’ll try to drop hints from time to time, as long as the networks hold out.

I’ll admit this is unfair to anyone who won’t be in San Diego this week, but this will probably be a one-time thing and then we’ll be back to logic puzzles, cryptograms and ciphers. So to my fellow travelers, I wish you good luck and good hunting!

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